Key Components of Consideration of Employee Salaries

Employee salaries are the rights of each employee stipulated in the Employment Act. The various variables included in the calculation are usually basic salary, allowances, dues, taxes, and so on. Each variable must be carefully calculated in order for each employee to be righted according to the responsibilities he or she exercises.

The components that affect the calculation of salaries submitted are then regulated in the standard regulations set by the government through the Regulation of the Minister of Finance. In Article 2 Paragraph 1 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of Manpower No. 1 of 2017, it is mentioned that the Structure and Scale of Wages must be prepared by employers by observing class, position, working period, education, and competency.

It is clear that the components presented in the regulation are then a major consideration. Although outside of these components there are also other things such as …

The Important Role of Project Management Plan for The Company

In general, project management plan contains an explanation of how the plans and decisions of a project will be executed. Simply put, the content of the project management is 4W (Why, What, Who, When)and 1H (How). Project management plan (PMP) is considered a living document,which means that if there are changes to the project plan while the project is running, then the project management mustalso be updated or changed. So why is PMP considered important to the company?

Project management should be seen as a tool that helps companies to carry out designated projects effectively and efficiently. But of course the use of this tool can not automatically guarantee the success of the project. This project management can be a very important and powerful tool in the hands of companies that understand their use and have the competence to implement it.

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